Classroom Policies 2010/2011

5th grade

Mrs. Cook 


 * For a more detailed explanation on each topic please read the sylabus given to students on the 1st day of school ( It should be in their homework folder)

Students and Classroom Expectations

1. Students are expected to be prepared and organized for all classes. Students are responsible for and will be held accountable for their actions.

2. All students will treat fellow students, school staff, and classroom guests with respect

3. All students will respect the personal property of others, including classroom supplies

4. No students shall take away the rights of others to receive a good education

5. Students are expected to follow Bethany School rules at all times and encourage to follow the Six Pillars of Character

6. Students are expected to use appropriate language while on school property. Inappropriate language will not be tolerated inside or outside of the classroom.  

Positive Encouragement

Students will have the availability to collect tickets given to them for various reasons. (Quiet transitions, helping peers, participating in class discussions, etc)  Once a month students can purchase prizes or rewards with their tickets. Tickets can be lost due to being distractive in class, tipping a chair, talking out in class, or needing to use the bathroom right after recess) 

Discipline Policy

Students are participating in a clip chart system. Every day stuents start on ready to learn. They have the ability to go up throughout the day to "good day" "great day" or "outstanding day" were they receive tickets and awards. They also have the option based on their behavior to go down to "Think about it", "Teacher Choice" or "Conference".


Fifth graders are expected to have up to 60 minutes of homework per night.  Homework is important for practicing what has been taught, creating good study habits, and teaching responsibility. Late Homework will not be accepted. Late work or missing work will be considered a zero in the grade book.  For every assignment that is not completed the students will be given a citation to bring home to have their parents sign. If a students recieves 3 or more citations in a week they will have an individual conference with an administrator about taking responsibilty for their actions.